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Hyundai Motor America Exceeds November Sales Record

Posted on December 1, 2011

Hyundai Motor America has exceeded previous November 2010 sales record with sales up 22 percent in November 2011 and sales to retail customers up a whopping 24 percent!  With 49,610 vehicles sold this November, Hyundai is well on their way to finish 2011 with a record-breaking numbers.  In November of 2010, Hyundai sold 40,723 cars, a difference of around 9,000 units!  According to Dave Zuchowski, the Executive Vice President of National Sales for Hyundai, vehicle availability are at the highest levels they have been for the entire year.  The the optimistic consumer demands paired with the ever increasing consumer confidence levels, Zuchowski states, has prepared Hyundai and “positioned for a very strong December finish to the record-breaking year.”  ”Black Friday” sales proved to be strong this year for Hyundai as well and made a major impact on Hyundai sales- allowing them to break the former November sales record.

If you look at Hyundai year-to-date sales, it is impossible to miss more sales growth for the company.  Sales are up 21 percent versus the 2010 year in total, with retail sales up an outstanding 30 percent.  Not only sales, but vehicle quality and brand assurance has soared for Hyundai Motor America and nearly thirty-six percent of the Hyundai cars sold this last November boast 40 MPG fuel economy ratings, which is up 3 percent from last year.

Hyundai Motor America’s President and CEO, John Krafcik, attributes their success to “improving consumer demand and increased product availability at Hyundai dealer nationwide,” which, Krafcik says, will also help achieve a positive outlook for the 2011 December sales figures.  Although Krafcik says their 35 days supply level is perceived as low by most judgements, it is the best supply level Hyundai has seen at the beginning of the month in quite some time.  He says the Hyundai Accent, Elantra, and Veloster do remain in short supplies but are balanced with ample dealership stocks on various other Hyundai models, which are sure to ensure that the consumer is able to purchase exactly the vehicle they look for.

Take a look at the individual model sales for November 2010 and November 2011:

CARLINE NOV/2011 NOV/2010 CY/2011 CY/2010
ACCENT 4,682 4,052 50,285 49,191
SONATA 15,668 14,031 208,621 180,659
ELANTRA 12,414 8,631 173,336 119,150
SANTA FE 6,129 6,967 69,309 71,396
AZERA 58 248 1,506 2,889
TUCSON 4,101 3,042 42,774 35,553
VELOSTER 2,538 0 7,096 0
VERACRUZ 1,018 747 8,603 7,889
GENESIS 2,702 3,005 30,528 26,699
EQUUS 300 0 2,868 0
TOTAL 49,610 40,723 594,926 493,426

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