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The Recording Academy® Features Hyundai As Official Vehicle Partner

Posted on November 29, 2011

The music industry’s most well-known brand, The Recording Academy® (Better known world-wide for the GRAMMY Awards®), has united with Hyundai for a 3 year partnership.  Hyundai will be working exclusively as the GRAMMY® vehicle sponsor as well as helping The Recording Academy® develop, support, and create new projects and campaigns to better help the efforts of the brand to engage in creativity and enable them to celebrate music year-round.  The union between Hyundai and The Recording Academy® is being emphasized as Hyundai rolls out the innovative 2012 Veloster, a unique three-door coupe model that boasts creativity and an promises to be an excellent choice for the unique, outside-of-the-box individual who is looking for a fresh experience.

The first project to be unleashed by Hyundai and The Academy is named the RE:GENERATION MUSIC PROJECT, which will yield a promising documentary film titled, “RE:GENERATION,” about 5 contemporary DJ’s and their interaction with technology to create and re-create the way people experience, enjoy, and even develop music every day.  The Academy will help spread the word through special film screenings and social media channels, and Hyundai will also help get the story out over the next year by planning and hosting film screenings, music festivals, online streaming, digital apps, social media, and various other public relations projects.

Evan Greene, The Recording Academy’s chief marketing officer, is thrilled for the opportunity to engage with fans and car buyers through this creative endeavor and he says, “We are thrilled to partner with Hyundai to connect fans and car consumers to the power of music on Music’s Biggest Night® and throughout the year.”   Greene goes on to comment about the importance of The Academy’s reputation and public perception and explains that “Our brand partnership celebrates excellence in music and innovation, and we look forward to nurturing this relationship with exciting and creative projects over the next year.”  To see the RE:GENERATION trailer on YouTube, follow the link below!

RE:GENERATION Official Trailer

The channel also features clips that feature the DJ’s involved with the documentary such as Skrillex and Pretty Lights, as well as collaborative guests such as John Densmore from the Doors.  This is sure to be a unique experience and an excellent film not to be missed by music enthusiasts from all genres and backgrounds!

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